Jon Carstairs

Producer / Host

Jon's passion for improv led him to start KinkyFish improv and provide people in Scotland the chance to let improv into their lives.  He thinks it would be best if all people, everywhere, did improv. Is that too much to ask??

Jill Cowley

Producer / Host

Jill is a long-time improvisor and all round great organiser.  She runs all-female improv troupe The Tinderellas, and I Scream Sunday at the Monkey Barrel Comedy Club.

Michelle McKay


Michelle is an improv and theatre producer and actor who organises and techs for the Jam. She is the executive producer of the Edinburgh International Improv Festival and produces a myriad of other plays and events.

Jason Perez


Experienced improvisor Jason Perez, organises and teaches the Sunday workshops. he also teaches for various improv schools, and performs in a wide range of troupes. He is the artistic producer of the Edinburgh International Improv Festival.